Enriching the lives of people living with disability

We believe in providing opportunities for everybody to drum and enjoy the benefits of being immersed in rhythm.

Our Rhythm Immersion Programs are designed for a small group (max 10) of young people (15-24 yrs) with disability. The goal is to engage people with disability in a physically active, cognitively challenging social activity that will improve their quality of life. Participants attend the sessions with a support person or family member, who also participates in the music making.

The group explores rhythm and sounds on a diverse variety of drums and other percussion instruments and is exposed to a variety of musical styles including traditional African, pop, contemporary African, bollywood and reggae. The sessions are fun, creative, positive, therapeutic and social. Rhythm-based group activities include playing percussion along to music, moving to music, hand drumming and stick drumming.

Rhythm serves as a timekeeper in the therapeutic application of music for motor rehabilitation goals and is foundational to auditory-motor synchronization. Rhythmic entrainment, the experience of being in synch to an external rhythm, with others is profoundly healing. All participants are respected and valued. All participants are encouraged and supported in their self expression.

Fun, friendly and supportive environment

  • –  Opportunity to experience the joy of musical self expression
  • –  Participatory social environment, sense of belonging to a group
  • –  Helps with attention focus, short term memory
  • –  Develops hand-eye coordination

Motivates, uplifts and inspires

  • –  Enhances self esteem
  • –  Develops range of motion
  • –  Opportunity for positive interaction with family member or carer
  • –  Therapeutic physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
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